EM Graduation: Speaker Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs' "Yakko")

On Friday, June 5th, Exceptional Minds hosted its first-ever Zoom graduation and it was amazing to see all our third-year students "virtually walk!" Our keynote speaker Rob Paulsen, known as the voice of Yakko in Animaniacs and Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, captivated the graduating class with his many impressions and offered up his own acronym for autism: Astonishingly Unique Terrifically Irrepressibly Superhuman Magicians.

Click the video below to watch Rob Paulsen's keynote speech.

Exceptional Minds is a professional training academy and working studio for young adults on the autism spectrum. We are a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization based out of Los Angeles, CA that specializes in training young adults with autism spectrum disorder for meaningful careers in post-production and digital animation. Subscribe to our Newsletter here.

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