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MindShare June 2021 Special Edition: Graduation

MindShare June 2021 Special Edition: Graduation Congratulations Graduates!   Next week, Michael Hardin will graduate from Exceptional Minds and start his career in animation as an intern at Nickelodeon. 2021 Exceptional Minds grads Jackson Meigs and Liam Brosnan also start summer internships at gaming company Niantic, while several other grads begin their careers in the Exceptional Minds studio working on projects from Disney+, Netflix, Cartoon Network, and Sesame Workshop to name just a few.  Max Everett is developing a theme park attraction while Andres Lerma continues to refine his adorable character Quetzy and its story. The 8th graduating class from Exceptional Minds is parlaying three years of training and expertise into careers. And their collaboration as a team through a pandemic and distance learning is a testament to how they can overcome any challenge! The 2021 graduation keynote speaker is Jorge Gutierrez who has spent time sharing his own challenges, wisdom, and stories wi